1. Wonderful morning with @cassandralour & @sarakedstrom | Gonna miss this

  2. Yellow flowers on a dreary Saturday. The best. Thanks for the collaboration Garrett and @mirandacoralyn ❤️

  3. Hobby Lobby | Shenanigans | Clown Town

  4. One time all of my friends through an engagement party for us with a half hour notice. #regram #springbreakup14 #itwasallyellow

  5. Here it is, kids! (at engaged train )

  6. Back to Indiana | #springbreakup14 (at Great Smoky Mountains)

  7. The Mountains are Calling and He Must Go. | #springbreakup14 #garrettexplores

  8. Monday Hike | #springbreakup14

  9. #springbreakup14 Today, we accidentally filled the Honda with diesel. A day in Boone so the gas tank can be drained. #sadcar (at Appalachian State University)

  10. Guess who’s back? Back again. Katie’s back. Tell your friends! #slimshaddy #tbt #regram #HOME @katiehieronimus (at same country vibes)